Girls Like That

Autore: Evan Placey
Categoria: teatro per ragazzi
Ruoli: 13 (1M, 12F)


Una foto di Scarlett, completamente nuda, comincia a girare tra i telefoni dei suoi compagni di scuola e diventa virale. Le sue amiche di sempre, quelle con cui Scarlett è cresciuta, sono ben lungi dal proteggerla e stringersi intorno a lei. Sono troppo impegnate a spettegolare sul suo corpo, a fare confronti tra il suo seno e il loro. E a additarla come sgualdrina.
Quando anche la foto nuda di un ragazzo della scuola comincia a circolare, però, le reazioni sono ben diverse…

A terrifying exploration of the ugly side of sisterlyness… Girls Like That is an urgent, powerful and haunting examination of how frightening this phenomena [sexting] has made the teenage world. I can see this play becoming a very popular resource for 16+ groups and that will be no bad thing. –National Drama Magazine

Placey’s eye-opening, often uncomfortably honest play… deserves to be widely seen by teenage audiences. And by their parents too –Guardian

As technically adroit and inflamed a piece as I’ve seen all year, funny and shockingly frank, and its target audience of school-age teenagers is treated to something of obvious direct application to their own lives as well as a 75-minute slice of first class theatre. –Michael Coveney

A well-written, immaculately crafted and brave piece of energetic theatre (that tackles) strong, relevant issues. –

Shades of a technologically sophisticated Lord of the Flies… seriously impressive. –Yorkshire Post

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