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Carolyn Gage

Nata nel 1952 è una drammaturga, attrice e regista statunitense, nonché attivista per le cause femministe e omosessuali. La sua opera The Second Coming of Joan of Arc and Selected Plays (Outskirts Press, 2008) ha avuto una nomination nel 2008 per il Lambda Literary Award in Drama.

Tra le sue opere:
– Second Coming of Joan of Arc, a one-woman show in which Joan of Arc speaks to contemporary audiences,
– Ugly Ducklings, about blossoming lesbian love and homophobia at a girls’ summer camp,
– The Anastasia Trials in the Court of Women, an audience participation courtroom drama presenting the trial of five women who betrayed the Anastasia Romanov of Russia,
– Thanatron, a dysfunctional family comedy
– The A-Mazing Yamashita and the Gold-diggers of 2008 (One-act play)
– The Amazon All-stars (Musical)
– Amy Lowell: in Her Own Words (One-woman show)
– Babe:An Olympian Musical (Musical)
– Battered on Broadway (One-act play)
– Bite My Thumb (One-act play)
– The Boundary Trial of John Proctor (One-act play)
– Calamity Jane Sends a Message to Her Daughter (One-act play)
– Coming About (Full-length play)
– Cookin’ with Typhoid Mary (One-act play)
– The Countess and the Lesbians (One-act play)
– The Drum Lesson (One-act play)
– Entr’acte (One-act play)
– Esther and Vashti (Full-length play)
– The Evil That Men Do: the Story of Thalidomide (One-act play)
– Extravagant Love: the Life of Violette LeDuc (One-woman show)
– The Goddess Tour (Full-length play)
– Harriet Tubman Visits a Therapist (One-act play)
– Heterosexuals Anonymous (One-act play)
– Jane Addams and the Devil Baby (One-act play)
– A Labor Play (One-act play)